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A Grant Office (GO) had been established in HMU under the PDC project - "Research to Policy - Building a Sustainable Network in the Field of Health in Vietnam" (VNNH) since June 2011.

Main services that are going to be provided by the HMU Grant Officer include: 

(i) Supporting researchers in acquiring information of potential research funding opportunities;

(ii) Supporting researchers to review and complete the application in accordance with the instruction of the donors;

(iii) Supporting researchers to submit application and follow up after submission.

In order to facilitate the researchers who wish to pursue research career, HMU Grant Office would like to announce following financial support to individual researchers and research groups in health sciences applying for research funding opportunities from foreign and domestic donors and organizations:

- 2 months allowance for the writing of proposals (10,000,000 VND/month/individual-research group/ proposal)

- 1 returned international air- ticket when a face-to-face meeting is needed with the international researchers.

Instructions for applicants:

- The applicants should first submit an application form to the Director of VNNH project. VNNH project will review and decide if the request is accepted. 

- Applicants can ask for administrative support from Grant Officers during application preparation and submission.

- For individuals that do not have a PhD, he/she should have a collaborating researcher with PhD affiliated to one of the partner institutions in order to be eligible. 

- The allowance will be provided after the application is submitted with evidence shown.

- Proposals applying for funding from international donors must be submitted from or in collaboration with at least one of PDC partner institutions including (i) Hanoi Medical University, (ii) University of Medicine and Pharmacy HCMC, (iii) University of Gothenburg (Sweden);  (iv) Karolinska Institute (Sweden); (v) Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam; (v) Ministry of Health, Vietnam.

- Young researchers are encouraged to apply. 

- Deadline: Researchers should submit proposals before 31 December 2012 in order to receive the writing allowance from VNNH project.

For further queries, please send email to: grant.office.hmu@hmu.edu.vn

Xin mời download: Newsletter – March 2012

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