Undergraduate Training (26-01-2007)
Carrying out the management and administration of students. Participating in designing the curriculum schedule and in planning detailed curriculums for the general doctor system as well as the nursing system. Contributed a great part to the training of 17,564 medical doctors and 94 medical bachelors now working in all parts of the country.

The number of students in this year are 800. Officially reopened Odontologists department and training programs, textbooks and teaching methods. Built a detailed training program for general doctors training program..Compiled more than 40 textbooks for this subject. Built regulations system for evaluating students quality. Reformed teaching activity, well- implemented examinan and enrolling task (reduced teaching and studying theory time, changed studying time). Implemented reducing expenditure, increasing budget and broadening cooperation in training:

- Suitably raised tuition fees

- Signed a training contract with Odontologist University (as expected, valued at 1.3 billion VND this year).

- Be about to sign a training contract with Traditional Medicine Academy (as expected, valued at 450 million VND this year).

- Maintained enrolling students for partial tuition pay model.



To build a detailed training program for 2 branches (Bachelors of Nursing and Bachelors of Medical technology)

To find a fund to compile textbook for the remaining subjects of general doctor training program.

To compile necessary textbooks for other branches

To implement educational inspection and set up norms of verifying quality.

To propose to broaden training type:

+ Preventive medical training

+ In – service Bachelor students on Nursing, transferred from Nursing High School.


Undergraduate Department

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