Direction in developing science technology of Ha Noi Medical University up to 2008. (01-02-2007)
The task of masters and students of the HMU is to carry out university and post university formation, scientific research and to serve medical practice.


-Trying to make important sector in science and technology reach the progress of area and global basing on the strength of the university.

-Concentrating o make the project of practicing Hospital feasible.

-Setting up a training plan for staffs with high quality at home and abroad, where technology is highly developed, especially in priority sector.

Giving priority to develop technology.

-Develop molecular biology; produce new products for finding out, diagnosing and treating diseases.

-Researching the application of technique in diagnosing image, ultra structure to serve for diagnosing, treating and precautionary, doing research and training.

-Researching on technology hand over in order to produce biological products and replaced material to serve for diagnosing, treating and precautionary.

-Develop Information Technology

-Software Directory


Direction for special researching

-Researching the application of new technology, growing technique, maintaining germ and tissue, giving priority to stem cell to serve for diagnosing, treating and precautionary.

-Researching the application of molecular biology in diagnosing and treating.

-Researching and creating biological products, completed and semi- completed to serve for treating and precautionary at different levels.

-Finding out methods to early detect disease, risk factors and resolve measure in order to care for public health.

Concentrating to research on molecular biology hereditary disease, transformation and endocrine (diabetes) and others diseases, for example cancer, mental

Science Research Department

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