Mission and Vision (20-10-2014)
Hanoi Medical University has always been one of the leading medical universities of education in Vietnam with a rich history. With many contributions to national construction and defense of the School of the Party and State has been awarded many titles and honors the individuals and groups



Hanoi Medical University, one of the leading universities in Vietnam with a history of more than one hundred years, strives continuously to improve human health by reaching excellence in health worker training, in science and technology, and in providing senior experts for the health sector.
In the future, Hanoi Medical University will be widely recognized as a multi-disciplinary, multi-level health university that will play an important role in training highly competent, dedicated health personnel, who are able to meet the health care demands of society wherever and whenever needed.

·         Tradition: Lecturers, staff, students, and learners take pride in Hanoi Medical University and are responsible for the promotion of its traditions.

·         Function: Lecturers are honored to serve as role models through the fulfillment of two noble functions highly regarded by society: Teacher and Physician.

·         Professionalism: The staff is proud to contribute to the training of exemplary and talented health professionals, to scientific research, to technology transfer and to the care of our people's health.

·         Inspiration: To study and train at a renowned medical university is the inspiration for students to strive continuously for excellence and realize their potential for long-term and sustainable development.

Honored and proud to be working and studying at Hanoi Medical University, generations of teachers, students and employees have contributed to improving the University's role as recognized by the Party, the State and the People. 


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